My Workshop

My workshop has many functions, which is much like myself. I do a majority of my work in my shop which is a large metal building just a few feet away from my house for crochet, knitting machine, leather, sewing, beading, painting, drawing, and the list goes on and on. My T-shirt work is done in my mini shop inside my house because I ran out of room.

The mess before I organized.

My shop is also used as a guest house and halfway house, which can be tough for me when I have a large amount of work to finish and I only have the weekend. I work a full time job away from my shop so my time is limited as to when I can actually work for myself. My shop has a full kitchen, bathroom with an open concept vibe. It also has full heat and air thanks to the unit Mr. Cool.

Tagging drawer.

A couple years ago while my daughter was in-between renting and buying her first home, she lived in my shop for two months. At that point I hadn’t packed it full of supplies yet so the transition was smooth. It was also nice to have someone else creative around me. My older daughter was still living in Virginia Beach. Fast forward five years, my older daughter is moving in so she can get ahead to buy land for herself. I’m happy to have her but I had to move so much out just so she could live. She too, is super creative and we have similar aspirations. Daughter #1 is an amazing photographer/graphic artist. Daughter #2 is pretty much good at everything artistic and has an Etsy empire for Homestuck called Xagave and a slime empire called Wizard Slymes.

So, back to boxing up and organizing which is a good thing because I needed to organize and find all my hidden gems that were packed way in the back of my cabinets.

Other half of my workshop.

I’m just glad I am able to share my space, and help out my kids. This is the start of living small, and only keeping what one really wants for my daughter and myself.

New Year New Project!

I tend to use the after holiday crunch to work on new project ideas and this year has been the same. I have always loved to sew, thanks to my mom, an avid quilter. I learned to sew when I was thirteen in sunny San Diego. I spent most of my days outside at the beach, but was creative from the start so learning how to sew from my mom was our one thing in common. Thanks mom!

Definite fail on this project!

I’m not a purse person at all but I do love a nice small clutch when I have no pockets. Plus, a clutch can be used for so many things. Now I just have to design one I like. I have also been working with leather, and denim and I like the combination of leather with a real material liner. But not just any liner, a bad ass liner! I want you to open the clutch and have instant strength. I use my favorite fabric designer Alexander Henry to add a little something something to the inside of my clutch. I typically use Joann’s for my fabric sources.